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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 21, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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members of the bay area's jewish community try to bridge a racial divide. we will show you why they showed -- we'll tell you why they showed their solidarities. and there's information about what the driver of that limo fatal fire may have been doing moments before the fatal fire. i'm ken wayne.
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>> i'm heather homes. a sign of solidarity in oakland. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live now with the two communities that came together to support each other today. >> reporter: you probably didn't see them here downtown protesting in the street together. there was actually common ground. >> that we can, that we feel that you are our brothers and sisters. [ applause ] >> give this community the peace, the fullness. >> berkeley rabbi and author michael learner and other members of the jewish community
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came to this service following the acquittal of george zimmerman, who shot and killed unarmed trayvon martin. >> we want to stand with you and identify with you. >> reporter: many are troubled by the recent protests in oakland that included vandalism and violence. >> we're gonna be in this mess together, whether we like it or not. we need to get along with each other. >> it's a long struggle. it's not over and we in the jewish community identify strongly with the african- american community and are here to say so. >> reporter: jay alfred smith senior, a pastor, spoke in hebrew calling for peace.
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he has urged members of the jewish community all over to visit african-american churches today. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> protests yesterday around the country including this one in oakland on behalf of trayvon martin. a protest is planned for tonight in san jose at city hall there starting at 6:00 p.m. organizers are encouraging demonstrators to wear hoodies. last week, president obama said states with stand-your- ground laws should we consider them. >> i can also see that stand- your-ground law may be something that needs to be reviewed by the florida legislature or any other legislature that's passed such legislation. obviously a lot of things need to come up for review. >> juror b-37 in the jim trial told cnn the not guilty verdict was based partly on that defense and called the law confusing. besides florida, at least 21 other states have stand-your-
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ground laws. coming up, we'll take a look at president obama's very personal remarks on the trayvon martin killing last week and how it could affect race relations. san francisco authorities today released the name of a man shot and killed in a good night last night in the middle of a very busy street. victim has been identified as 24-year-old melsar go day of san francisco. he -- gogay of san francisco -- goday of san francisco. >> whatever these people had between them, obviously, they had decided to settle it and they didn't care who was around. >> a police officer fired at one of the armed men but missed. that gunman was taken into custody. police say two guns were recovered at the scene. east palo alto police are looking for a man seen running from a deadly shooting. a shot spotter alert went off yesterday afternoon on larkspur
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drive. police found a 30-year-old man dead in the driver's seat of a car. one witness reported seeing a man running through martin luther king park after the shooting. police say he was wearing a red hat and a white shirt. a dark green or gray car was seen in the area. there's new information on the limousine driver that left five women dead. the estranged wife of the limo driver said she was talking to him on the phone while he was driving that limo the night of the fire. she states orville brown kept calling her and they were arguing shortly before the fire. when contacted about that information, the district attorney's office told the newspaper it wants to follow up on the report. brown is not commenting on the story. the highway patrol is expected to issue a report soon examining the cause of the fire, focusing on friction from the drive shaft. a good samaritan died on the peninsula today trying to help at the scene of an accident. it happened about 2:45 this morning on southbound interstate 280 in redwood city near woodside road and farmhill
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boulevard. the chp says 25-year-old charles lawrence miranda junior was driving a honda that hit a towhen the as-yet unidentified good samaritan stopped to help, another vehicle hit him. the highway patrol arrested miranda on felony dui charges. the driver who hit the good samaritan was not charged. all southbound lanes of southbound 280 were closed for about three and a half hours. an australian race car driver is hospitalized after a serious crash last night during a sprint car race. witnesses say peter murphy was in second place, chasing the leader, when his car made contact with another vehicle. murphy's car hit the car and rolled over, trapping him inside. emergency responders had to cut through the wreckage to free him. >> they were going down the front stretch. stuff like that happens. we see it a lot. >> race organizers suspended
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the race. murphy was airlifted to john muir medical center where he's listed in serious but stable condition. people filled this area eager to start the a.i.d.s. walk of san francisco. [ cheers ] >> thousands turned out for the event to help raise money for a.i.d.s. car and research. >> san francisco is the first city in the united states where h.i.v. reached epidemic proportions. thousands of people died. so this raises funds to do the important work to end this disease. >> this year's event raised $2.5 million. at last, a race between two boats in head-to-head competition on san francisco bay. ken pritchett is live in the city with how fans are excited despite the lack of contenders for sailing's greatest prize. ken? >> reporter: well, there's
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little doubt that the america's cup got off to a trouble or painful start with the death of one crew member and disputes between the two teams that are competing for the cup. but the fans we talked to said this was an exciting day and marked a fresh start. >> it's said a rising tide lifts all boats. >> that way! >> reporter: but will interest in the america's cup rise, in what we saw today, a head-to- head race. team usa verses italy. >> i think it will get more and more fun. >> maybe we're witnessing the first good competition. >> reporter: this is the race for the louie vuitton cup. >> we're a little nation. this is a big deal. we're in it to win it. >> reporter: there are few competitors in it. three boats are still in the competition. but one artemis is not racing because they are making repairs
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after a deadly accident in may. >> i think the boats are constructed beautifully. i mean, i've heard they go 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: with gusty winds on a cloudy and cool san francisco day, the two boats raced from past the alcatraz island with the competition boat verses boat and a free event, some say the crowds are growing as the race nears. >> i'm just looking forward to the summer getting better and better. >> reporter: it was an exciting day for race fans. the team from new zealand managed to win, despite damaging one of its sails. there will be several more races before it's all said and done. the top speed recorded is just shy of 45 miles per hour. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. sheriff deputies in contra costa county say they arrested a man again in connection with a second theft from a charity. the christmas for everyone charity was first roshed back
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in march of -- robbed back in march of about $60,000 of donated items. deputies rea.ked jason kreitz of martinez and another man at the time. the contra costa times reports the charity was burglarized again last wednesday. thursday, a search of kretz items showed up as belonging to the charities. san francisco firefighters tested their skills at a downtown high rise today. [ sirens ] >> they conducted two drills inside a building on kearning and sutter street. one took place in the morning. the second this afternoon. the high-rise fires don't happen very often so firefighters responded to a simulation to make sure efforts are coordinated. >> in a high-rise fire you are dealing with a lot of unique aspects. you are dealing with the heavy occupancy in the building. you are dealing with having to get up vertically. it's the types of things you
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wouldn't see in the normal structure. >> reporter: a number of volunteers participated in the drill as injured yok pants that needed evacuation. the drills are partnership between the fire department and the building's owners and managers association. they aren't considered the republican base but that could soon change. we'll show you how the gop plans to court female voters. we'll take a look at the fallout from the city of detroit dlarring bankruptcy. how -- declaring bankruptcy. how city workers may be paying the price. and the coast guard cameras catch some dramatic drug bust video. we'll tell you how much cocaine was seized.
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flash flooding in arizona caused people offguard. take a look at apache junction. two men in a pickup truck found themselves stuck when they got caught in the fast-moving waters. the fire department came in and
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rescued the men. a flood warning is in effect for pinole and other parts of the county. this week,house republicans are expected to launch their project go campaign, it's an effort to recrew women. >> it's growing opportunities for women. that's exactly what we need to do. >> this is designed to get more women voters interested in the republican party and to recruit female candidates for the 2014 mid-term elections. currently, only 19 of the 234 republicans in the house are women. the house speaker -- speaker's response, joan boehner, he was asked why the house has voted to kill or delay the healthcare law 39 times so far. well, he explained that lawmakers should not be judged on how many laws they create but how many laws they repeal. he also said that immigration reform is not his top priority
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as the bill lane gives in the house -- langishs in the house. john mccain weighed in on the controversial "rolling stone" cover featuring dzhokhar tsarnaev. mccain thought it glorified dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> i thought it was stupid and i thought it was inappropriate. but for me to tell them to pull their magazine from the bookshelves, that's not -- newsstands, that's not up to me to do that. >> the cover angered a boston policeman so much, he released picture of dzhokhar tsarnaev sea surrender without -- dzhokhar tsarnaev's surrender without permission. michigan's governor said today that there's no state money to help its largest city detroit. it's an open question whether washington might lend a hand. the once-thriving motor city filed for bankruptcy on thursday, the nation's largest city to do so.
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here's more. >> reporter: now that the city has filed this historic bankruptcy case involving more than $18 billion in debts that officials say has been filing up over the past 60 years, what's next. the bankruptcy process will be a lengthy one. it will involve more than 100,000 creditors including the police and retirement system as well as the city's 20,000 general retirees. kevyn orr says all workers including current and retired could see pension cuts. >> we'll have a dialogue with the pension funds about what we can do. they are two different funds. police, fire and general services. they may have different levels of funding. >> reporter: pension holders plan to make the government that the governor cannot impose a chapter 9 filing that would affect pensions or call on a judge to appoint a committee to represent the retirees' interest. any resources are already strained. the national debt, over $16 trillion and the federal
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government is strigling over automatic spending cuts. the mayor says the city has to set a benchmark how to come back from this tragedy stand are monitoring the federal response. >> now that we've done our bankruptcy filing. i think we have to take a step back and see what's next. there's a lot of conversation, a lot of planning, a lot of negotiations that will go into fixes our city. >> reporter: they are closely monitoring the situation in detroit but have given no indication a bailout is on the agenda. >> a report says bay area wablgs are not keeping up with the growing cost of living. average salaries in the area have only gone up 1% in the past year. that's the slowest wage growth in more than a decade. the report also says that despite slow growth in wages, the bay area is still one of the nation's best paid regions. some east bay organizations will soon receive new funding to help homelessert vas get off
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the streets. three organizations will get more than $3 million in federal grants from the u.s. veterans affairs services. the money will be used to help homeless vets get homes and housing. it will prevent vets from becoming homeless after they leave the military. evacuation orders were lift this morning in southern california by people threatened by the mountain fire. firefighters have that blaze 50% contained. it's already burned more than 27,000 acres since it started on monday. it's also destroyed six homes. a forest service spokesman said the end may be in sight. >> there's a light chance for thunderstorms probably through early next week which could change things on the fire. estimated full containment on the fire will be july 26th. investigators believe that someone started the fire but have not yet said if it was set deliberately or accidentally. we will be watching that thunderstorm activity to our south because it could be
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approaching possibly approaching the bay area over the next couple of days. outside right now, though, we have low clouds and fog over san francisco keeping the city on the cool side mainly in the upper 50s. another camera cued up for you, that's in the south bay. san jose showing you a lot of sunshine here. temperatures in san jose warm back up to near the 80-degree mark this afternoon. most areas a little bit cooler for the second half of the weekend. on live stormtracker2, you can see this, all of the cloud cover and the showers. basically, to our south. what is developing right now, more of a southerly flow. that will help transport some of the high cloud cover closer to the bay area for monday and into tuesday. with that more clouds. it will feel muggy out there. there's a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. right now, the focus. thunderstorms right out towards the sierra, especially south of lake tahoe closer to bear valley, the yellows and redds link up with thunderstorms developing about one to two hours ago. closer to home, we have the fog to tong about still hugging a -- to talk about still hugging
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the coastline, closer to the golden gate bridge and point reyes and point arena as well. current temperatures updated for your 5:00 hour. they are still on the warm side inland. concord 91. fairfield is windy. temperatures in the mid-80s there. livermore at 90 and downtown san francisco checking in 60 degrees. oakland in the mid-60s at 65. i was talking about the wind speed. you can see some of the reports scattered across the portion of the bay area. fairfield winds sustained out of the southwest at 25 miles an hour gusting close to 30 miles  an hour. so that typical sea breeze kicking in throughout the day today. overnight lows will be chilly. this has been a recurring theme. basically the same story for tomorrow morning, low to mid- 50s for santa rosa, napa, san francisco 51. fremont, 56 degrees. the fog coast side around the bay. i think we'll have a few patches develop well inland. so a big push of fog. late tonight and into early monday morning. here is a look at the forecast model. showing you this we'll put this
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into motion tomorrow morning. here is the expected coverage out there. drizzle showing up coast side and still afl few patches insoond -- a few patches inland. but by mid to late afternoon, some of that moisture i was showing you on the stormtracker2 moves in from the south. you will notice an increase in the high clouds, especially by mid to late afternoon. here is your forecast beginning at 7:00 tomorrow morning, areas of fog 52 to 57. by lunchtime we'll go with it, 60 to 7 a. throughout the afternoon hours, temperatures inland. we'll cool things off a bit. warmest locations in the upper 80s. beaches in the 60s. it could feel muggy out there as that moisture works its way in from the south. you can see most areas come down a few degrees. santa rosa, 76 degrees. fairfield, 86. antioch in the upper 80s at 89. san jose, right around 80 degrees by about 3:00 in the afternoon. a look ahead to your five-day forecast -- there's the rain clouds reflecting at least a
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slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. i think the best chance could be monday night into early tuesday morning. still a slight chance. it's something we'll be tracking over the next few days. we warm things up wednesday, thursday and friday. coming up at 5:45, we'll take a closer look at the shower chances in the bay area and another look at your weekend in view coming up at 5:45. >> thank you, mark. a dramatic drug bust was captured on video. the coast guard says $35 million worth of cocaine was seized in the bust, made it to shore in miami. >> shots can be heard in this video of the seizure provided by the coast guard. coast guard officials say they first fired warning shots during the july 14th incident in the caribbean. it all started whin a coast guard airplane spotted delicious packages on a go fast boat. >> a pursuit ensued, the go fast would not stop. the coast guard helicopter fired warning shots.
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the go fast continued on the course. so the helicopter fired a shot to disablg the engine -- disable the engine. >> 42 bales of cocaine were thrown overboard. those drugs were retrieved and four suspected smugglers were arrested. coming up -- people run for cover and duck under desks as a strong earthquake jolts new zealand. investigators make a gruesome discovery inside a cleveland area house. the bodies of three women. what we're learning about the victims and why police say the man under arrest may be a copycat killer. and new, faster tsa screening is coming to an airport near you. but be prepared to open your wallet if you want to use it.
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intense diplomacy by john kerry has created a foundation for middle east peace talk. the talks may begin this week in washington. but for israeli's president, difficult negotiations are already happening within his own cabinet. here's a report from jerusalem. >> reporter: israeli prime minister warned that negotiations with the plins will be difficult. but promised he's entering the talks honestly and sincerely insisting an agreement is in israel's best interest. but already several members of the israeli government have come out against the talk. in an effort to apeace his government, netanyahu is promising to put any peace
5:27 pm
agreement to a national referendum. john kerry announced the fragile peace talks on friday, convincing the palestinians to return to the table despite israel's refusal to halt obstrucks. palestinian want israel also to agree that the 16967 borders should be the starting -- 1967 borders shut be the start for the state. secretary kerry will have to convince difficult concessions. in the past neither side has shown a real willingness to do just that. in other news of the world tonight, two iraqi prisons came under attack. baghdad is still reeling from explosions on saturday that left more than 70 people dead. police say insurgents imploded bombs outside of a prison while
5:28 pm
riots rioted inside. by some counts 13 people died in attacks today, raidses raise -- raising the total for to 454 fatalities. in india, 23 people died after eating lunch on tuesday and that contained toxic levels of an agricultural pesticide. authorities have discovered a container of seccy tide -- secty side but it's not known -- was found in the kitchen but it's not known if that's the source of the issue. a strong earthquake today shook parts of the north island
5:29 pm
ofny zee land. the 6.5 quake was centered fire the capital of welling -- near the capital of wellington. it lasted about a minute bringing back terrifying memories of the deadly 2011 quake that killed at least 175 people. there are reports of structural damage to buildings but no major injuries or deaths. two u.s. military aircrafts have dropped bombs near the great barrier reef off the australian coast. the u.s. navy says the two marine planes had to abandon the bombs because they were running out of fuel. the navy says two bombs were nonexplosive. the other two were but were disarmed before they were dropped. a community in ohio is bracing for more victims after investigators discovered the bodies of three women wrapped in plastic. east cleveland police arrested a suspect and think he may be imitating a secretaried serial killer. reporter katie murray has the latest. >> reporter: law enforcement and dogs scour a chilling
5:30 pm
scene. an area in cleveland where three bodies were found wrapped in layers of plastic and taped up. neighbors are in disbelief. >> this is very upset. >> reporter: according to authorities, all three victims appear to be young african- american women. a car in the garage where one victim was found led investigators to this man, michael madison. he's in custody after a standoff with police. madison was convicted in 2001 of attempted rape and is a registered sex offender but has not been charged yet in connection to this case. >> we're protectth the public -- proearthing -- protecting the public right now. he has a lot of questions to answer and he owes this community a lot. >> reporter: investigators think madison could be a copycat, mimicking the is crimes of convicted serial killer anthony sowell. >> everyone was in the area where he lived. the m.o. was the same. each body was wrapped in several backs.
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>> reporter: sowell was sentenced to death in 2011 for killing 11 women in ohio. the search continues as authorities fear the worst. >> i hope and pray that we do not find more bodies. however, we are dealing with a sick individual and we have reason to believe that there might be more victims. >> reporter: east cleveland's mayor calls this case atrocious but is relieved that madison is off the streets. >> if he had been out for one more hour, no telling what would have happened. >> a representative for the suspect could not be reached. travel experts are praising the tsa's new plan to expand faster screening for frequent flying. those passengers can skip taking off their shoes and belts. an $85 fee will cover their background checks and allow faster screening up to five years. the u.s. travel association calls this expansion a win-win. >> a win for the traveling public because you will have
5:32 pm
faster security screening. it's also a win on the security side because you let those travelers go through and you can focus areas on the areas where you know a little less on travelers. >> travelers will be able to sign up online a little later this year. precheck is only available here at sfo and only on american, united delta and virgin americans airline. a bay area college campus is about to look radically different. coming up why a 13-story building at cal state east bay is about to it be demolished. >> reporter: hundreds of parents and student athletes gathered in the south bay. we'll tell you why. a veteran makes an emotional journey back to korea to make good on a promise he made to a fellow pilot more than 60 years ago.
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the issue of gun control set to go before north bay lawmakers, the cloverdale city council is expected to vote on whether to support the reinstatement of the federal ban. they are looking to adopt resolutions in favor of a propose pal by dianne feinstein. they say she wants to renew and expand the law that bans the sale of military-style weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. some say local council should not weigh in on national issues. sewer rates are going up in daly city. the city council just approved a 9% increase for the next three years. this year the average bill will go up toll 3..30 -- go up to $3.30 for maintenance to the
5:36 pm
system. cal state, next month crews will take down this building, warren hill. the implosion will generate the power of a small earthquake. that's a team of usgs scientists and volunteers will be asking residents to install seismic neighborhoods on their property. scientists hope to use those monitors to study the hayward vault. plans call for small amounts of gas to be released at the crystal springs valve lost property, next to 280 near hillsborough. hillsborough police say it's necessary to complete safety work upon a new valve on the city's transmission line. authorities say people nearby may smell natural gas and hear a loud, steady noise. a lesson about life- changing sports injuries. our reporter was there and as the medical community -- was there as the medical community spread the word. >> reporter: doctors called kristin bowerly their miracle
5:37 pm
kid. >> i hit my neck when i was tackling. >> reporter: five years ago during a football game he suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> they told my parents i might not make it out of surger if i did, i would probably be a vegetable. >> rorter: it wasn't easy but thanks to a team around him, he beat the odds. >> the fact that i'm up lifting around, lifting weights, pretty amazing. >> reporter: he was part of a group today educating the pop warner community about concussions and traumatic brain injuries. >> what we call traumatic brain injury or concussion is probably not like it was ten years ago. they used to say, i got dinged or i got my bell rung. they would say shake it off. go back in. we don't do that anymore. >> when in doubt, sit them out. >> reporter: it wasn't just football. a special session was held for cheerleaders. any sport can put an athlete at risk. >> what we are trying to
5:38 pm
prevent is an athlete who has had a koge -- has had a concussion. prolonging the recovery and to help prevent something we have a second impact system. in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. a bicyclist is recovering from serious injuries after she was hit by a car yesterday in santa cruz. police say a 95-year-old driver was making a right turn into a driveway when she childed with the cyclist. investigators believe the driver accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake. she hit cyclist, a tree and garage. the cyclist was airlifted to valley health center and is reported to be in stable condition. when it comes to a long and healthy life, your address may play a big role. a new annal little sis shows life expectancy core -- annally sis shows -- anamly sis life expectancy correspond --
5:39 pm
analysis corresponds to where you live. hawaii fall in the highest range. as support for trayvon martin has grown into a nationwide cry for justice, many are responding to comments about president obama aboutration relations -- about race rations. >> reporter: the president did make a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room to highlight differing racial relations. >> i was very proud quite frankly. i think that it was timely but more importantly, i think that he could feel the anger that was going around across this country and he felt that he needed to respond, in a way that i think took a lot of courage. >> reporter: the rallies are calling for justice for trayvon
5:40 pm
martin. while the president addressed race in a personal way, some say he didn't go far enough. >> when he left the podium, he still did not answer the most important question, where do we go from here? that question this morning remains unanswered eight least from the perspective of the -- unanswered at least from the perspective of the president. he has to answer. i don't want him to be like bill clinton when he's out of office that he didn't move on with rwanda. >> reporter: the justice department is deciding whether to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman. an 88-year-old retired navy captain is heading to north korea this weekend hoping to find the remains of a fellow pilot who died during the korean war. he's in cheaun getting ready to enter north korea. 63 years ago he promise -- promised his dying friend he would come back for him. brown was the navy's first navy pilot shut down. his friend was beloved by
5:41 pm
almost everyone who knew him. an airport customs agent went above and beyond the call of duty. hear what he did when a pregnant travel arrived in his station and went into labor. and some raindrops may in our future. mark tamayo will be here for your workweek forecast.
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it was an unexpected arrival at eep hair airport. a woman went into labor. two doctors had given her the okay to go on vacation. baby adam still had seven weeksing to. he decided he wasn't gonna wait.
5:44 pm
>> too much pain start suddenly. >> after another 30 days in the hospital, they will be able to go home. his parents will have a vacation souvenir that will last him a lifetime going back home. let's check in with mark tamayo and see what's going on. it's been kind of cloudy and gray on the coast. >> drizzle late tonight and tomorrow morning. the typical bay area weather pattern, cool temperatures near the immediate coastline. still some 90s inland. we're tracking moisture to the south. that could play a role in our forecast late monday into tuesday. temperatures from this afternoon, not a big change from yesterday. most areas cooled off a little bit. still some upper 80s to the lower 90s out towards concord, livermore and antioch. here is moisture to the south, right around southern california from los angeles, closing in on bakersfield, not in the bay area, all of the high clouds will work their way to the region.
5:45 pm
right now, the fog, the biggest factor hugging a portion of your shore line. that will push back into the bay and even visit some of the inland neighborhoods first thing in the morning. current temperatures are in the 80s. san francisco's 60 degrees and san jose in the upper 70s at 77. forecast headlines for tonight, fog increasing. tomorrow and tuesday, morning fog and some high clouds and then the extended we do warm things back up just in time for the weekend, especially away from the coastline. overnight loys will be main -- lows will be in the low to mid- 50s out towards santa rosa, concord, livermore, san francisco, 51. here is the overall weather pattern. this area of high pressure beginning to scoot out to the east. it's setting up this, the southerly flow and transporting that moisture closer to the bay area. that's the forecast for tomorrow and into tuesday. you can count on a few extra high clouds. it will feel muggy out there and one weak system to move in and that could generate a
5:46 pm
slight chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. once again, that's monday and tuesday. i think the best bet. it's only a minimal chance right now, that would be for late monday night and early tuesday morning. here's the forecast model. not aggressive. but generating showers. but tomorrow morning, the fog, a big factor and then the high clouds moving in throughout the afternoon hours. this is the source of the humid conditions. you will see scattered breaks in the overcast and then tuesday, another batch of high clouds favoring the southern half of the bay area throughout the day on tuesday. this forecast model keeping the showers and thunderstorms to our east and to our south. but close enough to warrant that slight chance of a shower here closer to home. temperatures for tomorrow, most areas, especially inland cool off a few degrees. stenson beach, 63. santa rosa, 76 and fairfield. 83. upper 60s to the lower 70s around the rim of the bay. the nothing will be replaced by
5:47 pm
higher clouds. and temperatures inland on track to reach the mid- to upper 80s. san jose, 80. los gatos at 83. more snabdz with san francisco definitely on the cool side. right near the immediate coastline, patchy fog nearby keeping the temperatures inspect upper 50s to the lower -- in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. you can count on the high clouds and humid conditions. on wednesday, we scale back and warm things back up. our next warming trend begins weardz, thursday and friday. with -- weardz -- wednesday, thursday and friday. 70s and, the beaches -- 70s, the beaches. >> we showed the rain in arizona today. is this the remnants of that system that's gonna creep up our way? >> it's that moisture moving in. the history of that system does warrant attention, that's why we're watching it so closely
5:48 pm
for and tuesday. coming up, the as' bats warm up. and coming up -- it wasn't tiger but lefty. complete sports highlights coming up in "sports wrap." mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy.
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we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ but did you know we've also mastered three incredibly craveable pastas? sizzler's new incredibly craveable combos for just $10.99, right now. good evening, everybody. welcome to this "sports wrap." after three rounds of the british open, lee westwood, tiger woods and hunter mahan were the players we were talking about. phil mickelson was almost an aftershot. the fog moved in on the muir
5:51 pm
field coast. westwood, the third round leader needs two shots to get out of one of the treacherous bunkers on number 7. he struggled with a 75. meanwhile, mickelson was putting together one of the rounds of his life. down 5 when the day started. this birdie putt at 14 had more than one stroke of the lead. he was tied when he came to the par 5 17. take a look at the roll on his second shot. he hits it and that ends up on the edge of the green. he putted from there for a birdie, was in front all by himself. never much of a kond terror -- contender in links-style golf, mickelson had a 36 for the day and the third leg of a third career grand slam.
5:52 pm
now he's just missing a u.s. open championship. after a group hug from the family, mickelson reflected. >> i don't know. maybe a wee bit. [laughter] to win the open championship, the event, i -- i thought it would be the hardest and has been in my career. still looking for their first win since the all-star break, this is not a team that gets worried. witness and co colon, this is a -- colon, two-run shot. coco crisp bunts. this player throws it away at first. chris reeps running and ends -- keeps running and ends up at third. later in the inning, brandon
5:53 pm
moss goes opposite field. that brings chris home, another two-run inning for the as, 4-0. bartolo colon allowed only four hits. two on in the 9th he got pujols looking and then josh hamilton, a right to seth smith. it's a four-hit shut out for cologne as the as win 6-0 and cologne improves. the as are on top in the a.l. west by two and a half game. the giants were gunning for a sweep today. it wasn't to be. madison bum gartner in the first giving up a center. tracking the ball and then backs off at the last second. goes to third with a triple. later scored on a sacrifice fly. that was the only one madison
5:54 pm
would allow. giants try to get evening. they decide to score posey. that was a mistake. runners at second and third with nobody out. they get sandoval at second. he was stranded there. still 1-0, when the diamondbacks got some cushion in the 8th. two runs score on this and it's 3-0. giants made a little noise in the 9th but again hurt themselves. lustles on this ground ball -- hustles on this ground ball to avoid the play. when the throw goes, he gets thrown out at second. the diamondbacks win 3-1. hang on to first place in the n.l. west by a half game. the giants are five and a half back. still to come -- continued dominance on the final day of the tour de france. we'll show you how that went and the u.s. team still strong at soccer's -- as soccer's gold club is down to the semifinals. we'll be right back.
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chris froome won the tour de france. in familiar yellow for the 83- mile stage into paris. take a complete failure for the leader in the final stage not to win. froome protecting. the final stage was won by germany. actually four of the 21 stages. but it was froome who took the win. he went 2,115 miles when it was all said and done. quarterfinal action between the u.s. and el salvador. landon donovan made the pass. player there to convert. led 2-1 at halftime. 78th minute here and donovan
5:58 pm
runs down a loose ball. he makes the goal. he's the only player in history to score in six gold cup tournaments. u.s. wins it and will meet the winner of tonight's honduras/costa rica game in wednesday's semifine at. see you again -- semifinals. see you again at 10:00. >> all right. coming up at 10:00, more on the deadly crash on the peninsula that claimed the life of a good samaritan coming to the aid of another driver after a dui crash. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we're always here for you online. hope to see you back here at 10:00.
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all right, i'm moving my infantry division augmented by a battalion of orcs from lord of the rings. we flank the tennessee volunteers and the north once again wins the battle of gettysburg. not so fast. remember, the south still has two infantry divisions, plus superman and godzilla. n-n-n-no, orcs are magic; superman is vulnerable to magic. not to mention you already lost godzilla to the illinois cavalry and hulk. why don't you just have robert e. lee charge the line with shiva and ganesh? you guys ready to order? hang on, honey. shiva and ganesh, the hindu gods, against the entire union army? and orcs. i'll be back. koothrappali: excuse me. ganesh is the remover of obstacles and shiva is the destroyer.


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